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Pain And Your Rights, Medical Marijuana

Remember that toothache that brought tears to your eyes? Or the migraine that had you bedridden in agony? Can you still remember the intensity of the pain?

I’ll bet you can.

What about the excruciating pain of waking up from a major surgery? Can you remember the unbearable pain that permeated through the massive doses of intravenous opiates?

I know you do.

Thank God for the relief the dentist gave you, or the newest medications that helped to tame that raging migraine. Thank God for the anesthesiologist who put you asleep before, and the drugs that were administered after your surgery. Thank God you weren’t just asked to “bite the bullet”.

Most people take these things for granted. A lot of the rights we enjoy in America are taken for granted. Think of all the rights you hear about every day; Constitutional rights, the Bill of Rights, civil rights, womens rights, children’s rights, gay rights, abortion rights, Native American rights, the right to privacy, the right to an attorney, the right to due process, ….. the list goes on for pages.

Your doctor has the “right”, no, the duty to give you drugs and medications to alleviate your suffering. The doctor can give you vallium if you are a wee bit stressed. Your doctor can give you tranquilizers if you don’t sleep well. Your doctor can give your child amphetamines or Ritalin for ADHD. Your doctor can give you horribly addictive opiates in the form of morhpine and codine for unrelenting pain.

The one thing your doctor cannot give you, even for the worst imaginable pain, even in the most dire of circumstances, is the most feared, most dreaded, most dangerous substance known to all of mankind……


One of the most horrible types of pain known to man is Neuropathy. I know, I have it. It goes real well with my Fibromyalgia. There have been times that I was not able to put on my socks because of the pain, much less try to walk. There are times my feet are on fire, the nerves literally short circuiting that signal to my brain. I have to be careful around boiling water, it takes my hands 20-30 seconds to realize it is hot. By that time I am already burned.

Modern science has come up with some medications in the last few years that afford some relief. I take Lyrica and it helps a bit. High power pain killers have little or no effect on Neuropathy, M.S., Fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Research has shown that the medical use of marijuana can offer relief to millions of chronic pain sufferers without the destructive, addictive, tendencies and side effects of the accepted medications now in use.

Please write your government officials and ask them to allow patients with chronic pain to be treated by their doctors with compassion….. would you want any less for yourself?