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Give and Take and Take and Take and…..

Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler want your money…..

They want the American taxpayer to bail them out…..


And what could be worse?

The very politicians we elected, through sleight-of-hand, will more than likely pick our collective pockets for another 25 billion dollars to be given to the auto industry. They won’t ask, they will just use the power we so faithfully put in their trust!

(Calm down, deep breath now buddy…)

The “Big 3” have sent their finest teams of attorneys and highest paid, most influential lobbyist to Washington this week to twist the arms of the Congressional politicians they paid so dearly to get elected.

The United Auto Worker’s Union is also sending their highest priced officials and lobbyist in mass to Washington, to twist the same arms of the very same politicians in Congress. They too paid dearly to get them elected.

(Another deep breath…. O.K., maybe another….)

The automotive industry paid $2,157,399 in hard money campaign contributions in 2008 alone. They won’t tell us how much “soft money” they gave. They gave 50% to Democrats, 50% to Republicans. This year they were equal opportunity influence purchasers. In terms of lobbying, General Motors spent $10,021,000, Ford Motor Co. spent $5,770,000, and Daimler Chrysler brought up the rear with $5,275,477. That amounts to $23,223,876, mere pocket change for an industry that can no longer keep their heads above water without a 25 billion dollar life preserver.

The U.A.W. doesn’t want to say how much they give in campaign contributions. The U.A.W. seems to avoid fresh sunlight on their actions. Like mushrooms, they flourish only in the darkness of the shadows. The U.A.W. doesn’t want you to know how much they spend on lobbyist either. Again they love the shadows, must be a blood sucking, vampire thing. Industrial Unions spent a token $10,537,390 on lobbyist in 2008. They purchased $10,289,326 of arm twisting time from Democrats and only $196,664 from the Republicans.

(Deep breath…. slow down…. don’t hyperventilate….)

President Elect Obama may not think 25 billion is enough. Just this last September, the “Big 3” was granted $25 billion in funds to bail them out. Knowing that surely won’t be enough of our dollars, he is generously willing to grant them another $50 billion of our money.

(Another deep breath…. check my wallet…. deep breath)

Seems to me that the combination of dismal, abysmal management in the auto industry and over paid, over compensated, over represented workers in the U.A.W. will be allowed to continue on their merry ways again. Speaker Pelosi says she will push it through, but with some strings attached. No strings for the U.A.W., but strings for the auto companies. Yes, that’s right, the same Speaker Pelosi who just last summer refused to do anything about gas prices when they were $4 a gallon. Heck, it was vacation time.

(Deep breath…. deep, deep breath)

When will it be enough? It’s time the taxpayer stops footing the bill. We have given to the auto industry over and over, again and again. It’s time for them to return the favor.

The only solution?

The management that has driven these once proud, profitable companies into the ground should be fired! Not rewarded.

The U.A.W. and it’s mediocre workforce has collected wages more than double their worth and extorted benefits of over $1,500 per auto. They should be ashamed! Not rewarded.

We have tightened our belts for them many times. Now they should tighten their belts a bit, so that we can loosen ours for a change.

(Big, deep breath…. hey, where’s my wallet?!?)